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The last two weeks have been busy and slightly hectic. It was my university's orientation week and then there was the first official week of classes, with the addition of club activities. (Let me tell you that I'm still utterly clueless about what is going on in uni and I have no idea what the lecturer is actually talking about half the time, eep!)

My timetable happened to be quite stupid and I ended up with lengthy breaks in between classes. What do you do with those lengthy breaks you ask? Well, you explore the city and your giant ass campus, as well as the city's many eateries, that's what you do. (Oh, and don't forget to study too, guys haha)

In these past two weeks I also took a lot of photos on Snapchat during my exploration on my breaks. I hope you enjoy this random collection of snaps, and I hope it also inspires you to explore and have fun.
Operator 25: where the coffee's hot, and the Barista's hotter

University is actually quite tiring and lonesome, contrary to my belief. You don't know if you actually made a friend, and introducing yourself to someone and getting to know them in a lecture or a club meeting only to realise that you'll never see them again or you'll just forget each other the next day can be a little bit disheartening and pointless. Then again, you meet someone for a brief moment and they are like the best thing to have happen to you that day because they give off such great vibes. You may never see them again and they might not want to ever become friends with you, but you appreciate them none the less.

Because I was a bit tired of my university's atmosphere, I did a lot of crashing at my best friend's uni, and I have to say that I am jealous at the amount of food that are of high quality that her uni seems to just give out with liberty to their students. Also, I am envious of the people who attend there. They are just so chill and friendly.

The doughnuts here are on point

Enjoy the remainder of your Friday 


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